Welcome to the UPG Intern Portal, where the magic happens. We are gladly accepting applications for the 2017-18 Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Our internships offer a valuable experience for ambitious and skillful applicants who are looking for a challenging and rewarding experience. We will equip you with senior guidance and enthusiastic team members to bring the best out of you. By no means do we know it all and we look to learn from you as well. Surround yourself with self-motivated individuals committed to excellence and enjoy the culture of UPG. Thus far, we have cooperated with interns and programs from the following organizations.

  • Gtech2
  • RIT
  • ETC
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  • northeastern_1
  • SpelmanCollege
  • Morehouse_College_221198
  • The_Art_Institute_of_Pittsburgh-Online_Division_49266(1)
  • Life_university_logo
  • delhitech
  • chinese-university-of-hong-kong-2
  • hornsey
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  • ida_logo1


All applications must include a cover letter, your resume and the position or internship you are applying for. Due to our diverse operations, kindly find which division you are interested in working with below and click to see available positions. Remember that UPG internships are highly competitive and we are looking for those special people who fulfill our purpose and principles. Creativity and desire are paramount, so have fun with your presentations. We have worked with students from all over the world and offer both remote and location specific opportunities.