• Manufacturing / Distribution

    Whether it be apparel production or some other technology or original product line, UPG's network of producers abroad serves the needs of innovative clientele well. These services include the 4 quadrants of UPG's project management process, from conceptualization to design to production to market. Domestic and Overseas distribution services provide qualified products placement in new markets.

  • Campaign Marketing

    The core duties of a UPG campaign launch team is to design and deliver effective marketing operations across the value chain to attract, convert, welcome, engage and retain our client's consumers. We take on the responsibility of developing campaigns that can yield strong client partnerships. We provide the primary point of contact for all campaign management and execution activities. Our team joins the client marketing staff and works closely with other departments to document requirements for direct marketing efforts.

  • Web Development Solutions

    UPG web developer teams transforms designs and user interface mockups into functional websites and applications. We provide technical leadership and assume overall accountability for a successful implementation phase on all client projects. We also collaborate effectively with existing creative teams and web designers during the creative process. When it is difficult for clients to translate deliverables via web, we intervene with solutions that tactfully communicate difficult/sensitive information.

  • Data Research Management

    Every company wishes to know which products people want to buy and what those people are willing to spend in their market. We research a client's consumers, including their supply, demand and buying preferences by implementing a system of data collection via surveys,polls and questionnaires. In order to understand the emotional buying tendencies versus logical decisions to buy, we compared and formulate data conclusions from the study of sales trends, consumer demographics, needs and buying habits, while presenting the findings in an understandable way for clients.

  • Social Media Networking

    UPG aspires to provide the voice of companies on social and digital media sites. We intend to communicate with clients to devise a plan that helps create and maintain new and existing marketing campaigns on several different sites while monitoring the specific analytical milestones provided via social media. Using the tone and intention of a client's brand, our teams will provide necessary answers to campaign related inquiries while coordinating of the company's initiatives related to social marketing and promotional goals.

  • Customer Discovery

    When clients need extensive information about a certain product market space to develop customers, we provide access to leadership on how to track shopping trends, consumer habits and time-specific behaviors. Directly focusing on the fundamentals of making a sale, we help clients operate under the measures of in-store sales models as they extend to online consumers. As clients aim to execute product innovation plans and sales solutions, UPG network teams perform research that introduces cutting edge tools and methods for customer growth.

  • Mobile App Development

    UPG provides developers with the role of creating, maintaining and implementing the source code that makes up mobile applications. Upon consultation, we also design prototype applications, indicating program unit structure, and coordinating application plans with the available client development team. When needed, developers may also test, debug and improve generally faulty applications for clients, working with multiple programming languages and operating systems.

  • UI Design / Infographics

    UPG manages and engineers visual experiences that defines and implements innovative solutions for a client's product direction. We aim to overcome complex design obstacles to conceptualize original ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to a user interface. In addition, we also construct the graphical deliverables to match the UI design concept, transforming detailed information into eye-popping artwork.

  • 2D /3D Game Development

    As the video game industry grows, UPG continues to grow its access to knowledge, creation and production of games for personal computers, tablets, mobile phones and other hand held devices. We provide quality assurance development while implementing the artistic design and programming of a game. As a project advances to each stage of development, our teams are there to provide and consult clients with the programming languages, audio input and visual design process to ensure that a game launches on the market.

  • Apparel Sourcing

    UPG diversifies clients portfolios with apparel product merchandising services. This includes endorsement deals and promotional campaigns used to enhance branding. Aside from this, UPG also works with original brands and apparel lines to diversify production sourcing, including private labeling capabilities.

  • Brand Identification

    From start to finish, we offer to deliver design strategies from design concepts through out final production. UPG helps to establish the client's strategic vision of a design and the direction that will ensure a honorable identity across all consumer touch points. We take the responsibility of researching global markets in order to identify new trends and innovation on the consumer and competitive landscape.

  • Pro Entertainment Services

    UPG's professional entertainment solutions encompass a complete range professional services for individuals, organizations and/or small businesses. This includes over a decade of experience in the athletic and entertainment industries. UPG assists clients to properly explore opportunities and expand on the potential that exists in any given market. These professional services overlap with consulting services for technology and marketing based solutions.

  • Vision Mapping

    When launching a business idea, every company needs a visual path that can be seen step by step before writing a business plan. Vision Mapping is the process UPG provides to help businesses recognize what is clear about their aspirations as oppose to what will be required to realistically fulfill their goals. We assist companies in identifying each of their network relationships that are applicable to upcoming business plans.

  • Executive Consultation

    UPG provides expertise from its top level executives to companies about business topics that owners and employees need help with. These topics of expertise can vary widely, depending on the type of company. We consult small businesses, corporations and schools in job searches and help to improve marketing plans, set goals and reorganize operations. Upon recognition of a client's business, we begin offering solutions, planning ways to improve the business and sometimes even stay with the company as the changes are implemented.

  • Project Management

    Upon the foundation of a project, UPG devises plans and budgets while overseeing and documenting each action item of each specified process. We aim to work closely with client upper management to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, including necessary department teams for support. Our plan is to keep clients motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions in the midst of ongoing activities.