UPG, LLC is a global enterprise solutions group that incubates and multi-generates ideas and concepts into tangible and favorable outcomes. UPG utilizes its global professional network to generate and maximize opportunities.


We strive to utilize our market presence in the vertical industries of sports, dance, fashion, technology and gaming to positively influence local communities, while bridging gaps globally to improve communities throughout the world. UPG seeks to expose the arts and empower younger generations with viable development solutions and opportunities.


UPG services its partners and clients via one of its 3 service arms. Initial consultations are led by Phoenix Management Group. PMG is a Technology Solutions and Entertainment Management agency. The agency services forms the backbone of consulting services for technology and marketing based solutions.
Menfes Interactive, a gaming and app network, is the second arm of UPG. As a service provider, Menfes Interactive utilizes its expertise to fulfill client demands in the development of apps and mobile gaming to create products and/or bolster marketing campaigns.
Team Menfes provides quality promo merchandising for clients and UPG internal operations alike. Group and event based clients benefit from Team Menfes’ quality assurance and precision in production and delivery.