Market Research Analyst

This internship is for Team Menfes Apparel, UPG’s team and group outfitting subsidiary. Interns will have the opportunity to receive invaluable experience in fashion and entertainment industries as well as meet professionals, gain travel and commission opportunities. You will work with senior executives, developers and other team members.

Must be able to perform the following:

  • Determine how people perceive products and services
  • Helps companies understand what types of products people want or need.
  • Research the market conditions in a geographic area, as well as information on sales, prices, competitors, distribution, and marketing.
  • Identify differences between the demographics or market penetration of competitors.
  • Ensure that the marketing department is able to target existing and potential consumers.

Responsibilities of the role:

  • Any bachelor’s degree that includes education in economics, statistics, marketing, and sociology.
  • Perform market research.
  • Determine who will buy products and at what price to advise employers on pricing strategies.
  • Gather statistical data on competitors.
  • Examine prices, methods of marketing, and sales, then analyze data on past sales to predict future sales.
  • Obtain data to design surveys in many different formats and assess consumer preferences.
  • Compose ideas focus group discussions and mail response content
  • Discover the appropriate medium to conduct surveys.
  • Make recommendations that apply to product and service development.
  • Provide vital information to help them make decisions on the promotion, distribution, and design of products or services.
  • Discover advertising and promotional mediums to increase public demand for products.
  • Examine the market to determine whether companies should add new lines of merchandise.
  • Help develop advertising brochures, sales plans, and product promotions.
  • Develop rebates, giveaways, and other incentives.
  • Gather information to help make financial and administrative decisions, measure the effectiveness of those decisions, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct opinion research to determine public attitudes on a variety of issues.

I Accept 

may collect your personal data for the purposes of organizational planning and the management of UPG’s recruitment related activities. Therefore, UPG may use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of applicants. UPG does not disclose your personal data to unauthorized third parties. UPG may, however, use your personal data between its group of subsidiary companies within and outside of the United States of America as well as third parties acting on UPG's behalf.