Back End Web Dev

This internship is for Menfes Interactive (, UPG’s technology and gaming subsidiary. Interns will have the opportunity to receive invaluable experience in the technology and gaming industry as well as meet professionals, gain travel and commission opportunities. You will work with senior executives, developers and other team members.

Must be able to fulfill the following:

  • Willingness to work with and be mentored by senior members of the programming team
  • Excellent C# or C++ engineering skills, producing efficient, reusable code
  • Passion for online/social game
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn applicable programming software/languages.
  • Great team player and self starter with strong time-management skills.

Requirements of the role:

  • All applicants for web programming positions must submit Portfolio/Work Sample to be considered.
  • Experienced in web development
  • Expert in PHP, MySQL, and possibly Object Oriented programming
  • Great team player and self starter with good time management and communication skills
  • Basic competence in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

I Accept 

MENFES INTERACTIVE may collect your personal data for the purposes of organizational planning and the management of UPG’s recruitment related activities. Therefore, UPG may use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of applicants. UPG does not disclose your personal data to unauthorized third parties. UPG may, however, use your personal data between its group of subsidiary companies within and outside of the United States of America as well as third parties acting on UPG's behalf.