The Jook Book

The Jook Book, a mobile application produced by Menfes Interactive, is UPG’s first step to crowdfunding development projects intended to benefit the youth through cause marketing and donation campaigns.
70% of ALL proceeds of The Jook Book is donated to UBA Reason Foundation Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, for the development of youth dance, arts and technology programming in the following cities:
Memphis, TN
Atlanta, GA
Denver, CO

The Jook Book is intended to give the user an opportunity to discover real cultural value in a style that has produced some of the world’s top performing artists, including Ron Myles (Chipmunks Movie), Ladia Yates (Usher & Missy Elliot featured dancer), and Charles “Lil Buck” Riley (Madonna MDNA World Tour). These dancers and many more have been assisted in the style by the writer and creator of the Jook, Daniel Price. He is a master, historian and philosopher of many levels of Jookin style footwork. He has influenced the style advancements of select animators, poppers, lockers, strutters, krumpers and breakdancers.

The Jook Book was co-developed by UDIG Dance Academy’s founder Tarrik Moore, as well as Marico Flake.

The app provides not only the text of the book, but an entire instructional video series, quarterly info guides/updates and is a  platform for other notable dance instructors to carve out their own educational theory and classes.


True Philosophy Is Critiqued As The Student Evolves Into The Master Once The Circle of Knowledge Is Complete. – DP


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