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Jerone Dodd Jr leads the company and was the original founder of Hangtime, LLC, which had achieved notable visibility in Japan, where Mr. Dodd lived and played professional basketball for 8 years. He is also the founder of STEAM Teams Academics, Team Menfes and co-founder of Digital Dance Culture and the Menfes Interactive brand. A Morehouse graduate, Jerone’s passion for building business and his interpersonal and networking skills have forged the unity of UPG executives and many beneficial partnerships abroad and domestically. Jerone has experience in many fields of the sports industry from player, liaison and consultant to supplier and management. He also is active in the community through NPO board memberships and educational initiatives. Mr. Dodd is an advocate of sustainable and progressive systems and consistently strives to build UPG’s executive leadership, brand and market share. Jerone is the visionary behind UPG’s overall structure and strategy and has established a company culture based on the principles of integrity and transparency.

Jerone also has experience as a sports radio personality, interviewing professional athletes and industry members. He is the Founder and Chairman of UBA Reason Foundation, an NPO dedicated to international exchange in mediums of sports, arts, technology and education.


Menfes Interactive Dance Technology is headed by dance mogul Daniel Price, a Memphis native. Daniel is a world renown dancer and has become the authority on Memphis Jookin, the latest universal American dance style by writing a book called The Jook, which gives the history, mindset and techniques of Jookin. Daniel has starred in various videos, choreographed for Broadway and directs UPG’s performing arts outreach programs. Price’s moves on the dance floor parallel to his intelligence off the floor, where he has created numerous alliances with major artists and dance figures/personalities across the nation. Mr. Price is the brains behind UPG’s latest hallmark product, Memphis Jookin G2G, an online and mobile game using motion capture technology. Menfes Interactive is lucky to have such a talent and mind as Price on the team, as he adds a never ending thirst for reaching the next level. Daniel is a cultural anthropologist and brings a unique skill set to the team.