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Swords & Scales Launches on Patreon

Swords & Scales: Tales of the Immortals opens to public with launch of Patreon Campaign

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Atlanta, Georgia – July 1, 2019
Swords & Scales: Tales of the Immortals, created and produced by the Day Brothers, is a much anticipated comic and animation series in the ancient/future, sci-fi and drama genre which shares the tales of 7 Immortals, each representing a certain virtue. Presented by Universal Phoenix Group in association with Fogenetic Enterprises, S&S looks to the Patreon platform to energize and introduce the first character, Sara Fim in epic style via mastered animatics, storyboards and art.

“We are beyond excited at not only the possibilities that the development of Swords & Scales brings to our publishing and creative production pursuits, but at the genuine prospect that we are creating something that will cultivate positive change in the world and inspire others to do more to fill the void of the often under and/or misrepresented genres of African and American art and cultural expression in film, media and entertainment,” noted Universal Phoenix Group CEO, Jerone Dodd Jr. “Part of that process for us was to form as diverse a production team as possible to get perspective, hasten our learning curve and appeal to the things that we all have in common as members of the global community.”

Patreon is a platform that allows artists and studios/companies to share their works and development with patrons who support by donating a monthly or per work fee to keep the art coming. The first character that will be introduced is Khadiyah Fatim, later and more popularly known as Sara Fim, whose virtue is Courage. Her story brings together a plethora of elements, challenges and peers into the psyche and humanity of this talented character. Whether its childhood nemesis, battling ninjas in a secret forest or leading charge first with and then against the empire, Sara Fim has something for everyone to take away with the strong emphasis on character development and layered story telling.

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